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Bizineo Passport AutoRecover feature allows you to recover you work by saving your project (data and state) in Silverlight Application Storage also known as Silverlight Isolated Storage.

Silverlight Isolated Storage is a safe client-side virtual file system that allows silverlight applications to store data in your machine.

Bizineo Passport takes advantage of this feature to maintain state across calls. Imagine you need to visit a web site while you are working on creating your Passport photo, then you decide to come back and continue working on our photo. Bizineo Passport will save your work and recover when you come back. The requirement is that you have to make sure that Silverlight Application Storage is enabled and there is enough space to save your work.

Enabling Application Storage

To enabled right click on the drawing canvas and click on "Silverlight". Click on the "Application Storage" tab. Make sure to check the "Enable application storage" check box, then click "Ok".

Increasing Application Storage Size

To increase the Application Storage size click on the icon with two (pic) and when you are prompted 'Do you want to increase available storage?' press yes.

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