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The GIF Properties Panel allows to specify resizing mode, GIF's width, GIF's height, number of repetitions, override images speed, preview and create a GIF.

Handling GIF properties

GIF properties
Pic. 1 Handling GIF properties

Setting resizing mode

The resizing of an image is determined by the 'Resize' checkbox (1) as shown in Pic. 1. If the checkbox is checked, the resizing of images will be preserving their aspect ratio. If the checkbox if unchecked, the images will be resized to fill the size of the GIF.

Setting GIF size (width & height)

The sizing of a GIF can be set selecting any of the predetermined sizes (avatar), sliding the sliders, or entering their values in the edit boxes provided (2) as shown in Pic. 1.

Width: [Min 32, Max 540]. Height: [Min 32, Max 500]

Setting GIF repetitions

The 'Repeat' property allows to specify the number of 'extra' repetitions a GIF should run. Enter a value in the edit box provided (3) as shown in Pic. 1.

For instance if you enter 3 in the edit box, the GIF will run 4 times before stopping.

Note: Zero means repeat forever.

Setting GIF speed

The speed of a GIF is determined by the 'Override" property (4) in Pic. 1.

Note: The speed is expressed in milliseconds.

To set speed per image, make sure to check the 'Override' checkbox. Then click on each image an enter its speed.

To set a generic speed for an animated GIF, make sure to uncheck the 'Override' checkbox. The 'Speed' panel (5) as shown in Pic. 1 will be activated where you can set the speed by either selecting one of the predetermined speeds (Slow, Normal, Fast), or sliding the slider provided, or entering a value in the edit box provided.

Previewing GIF animations

The 'Preview' feature allows to test how a GIF will look like. See Pic. 2.

Click on the 'Preview' button (6) Pic. 1. Messages are displayed to help set up the speed of a GIF (global or per image), the number of repetitions, resizing mode, and size. You can stop previewing by clicking on the 'Stop' button (6) Pic. 1 to go back to GIF settings and make the appropriate corrections if needed.

GIF properties - Preview
Pic. 2 Previewing an animated GIF

Creating animated GIFs

Click on the 'Create GIF' button (6) Pic. 1 to create a GIF. A 'Save As' dialog will display where you can select the folder and enter a name.

GIF properties - Create
Pic. 3 Creating an animated GIF

Testing an animated GIF

Locate a GIF previously saved, double click on it. It will be loaded in the default web browser. Also you can drag and drop the GIF previously saved onto an open web browser.

About the pictures

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