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The Image Properties Panel allows you to specify speed, and image effects.

Note: Depending on the properties of a selected image, different icons will be activated in Control Panel. More...

Handling image properties

Image properties - Effects
Pic. 1 Handling image properties

Selecting an image

Select an image by clicking on it in the list of images (4) as shown in Pic. 1.

Note: Everytime you select an image or click on the 'Img' Image properties icon in Control Panel (3), the Image Properties panel will be displayed.

Setting image dimension

Note: The dimension (width and height) of an image is displayed as a reference only (read only). The dimension of an image will be resized to fit the final dimension of an animated GIF. The dimension or size of an animated GIF needs to be set in the GIF Properties panel. More...

Setting image speed

Enter a value in the text box (1) provided as shown in Pic. 1. This is the time in milliseconds before showing the next image in the GIF animation.

Note: The speed of an image can be overridden in GIF Properties panel. More...

Applying image effects

Click on the drop down list (2) and select the image effect of your preference as shown in Pic. 1. Each image effect has its own properties.

Note: In case you don't like your changes you can always use the undo/redo option in Control Panel (3) or reload your picture again.

About the pictures

Note: The pictures were taken at the Botanical Building in Balboa Park, San Diego, California, USA. If you happen to be near by or visiting San Diego, don't hesitate and stop by.

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