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This tutorial covers the creation of hand-drawn Animated GIF files with a color background.

Creating a Hand-Drawn Animated GIF

Open Internet Explorer or Firefox and enter the following url address in the URL box and then click on the link to the Animator application. Alternatively you can enter
Note: You may be prompted to install Microsoft Silverlight. This application requires Silverlight to run.
Bizineo Animator Overview
Pic. 1

Once the application has been loaded (Pic. 1), click on the "Create New Animation Project" icon Create New Animation Project , a dialog window will prompt where you can set the properties of the new project (Pic. 2). Click Ok.

Create properties window image ratio off
Pic. 2

Next, add a frame clicking on the "Add new animation frame" icon Add new animation frame . Pick a color and brush size and start drawing freely. For this tutorial the goal was to draw faces as show in the following picture (Pic.3)
Note: You can draw any shape or scene you like. The purpose of this tutorial is to give you an idea how to draw a sequence of frames to animate and/o create images.
Note: You can turn on and off the grid lines by clicking on the "Show/Hide gridlines" Show/Hide gridlines icon. Also you can show or hide the onion skin by clicking on the "Show/Hide Onion skin (Shadow frames)" Show/Hide Onion skin (Shadow frames) icon.
Bizineo Animator how to Faces overview
Pic. 3

At this point you can click on the "Start animation" icon  Start animation and test your animation with the different options provided (All, Selected, Stack, Once, Loop, Bounce, and Frequency).

Next, select the second frame. Click on the "Export a frame or frames as an Animated GIF file" icon Export a frame or frames as an Animated GIF file The following dialog will appear (Pic. 4)

For the purpose of this tutorial do the following:

(1) On the Type option select "Selected frame".
(2) On the Mode option select "Stack frames".
(3) Do not change the "Repeat" value. Default is 0 (zero).
(4) Set the "Frequency" to 5 fps.
(5) Click on the "Create GIF" button. Follow the instructions to select a folder and name of your animated GIF.

Export GIF options window selected, stack  
Pic. 4

You should have an animated GIF file like the one show down below (Pic. 5)

Faces selected stack
Pic. 5

Click on the "Export selected frame as a JPEG image" icon Export selected animation frame as a JPEG image . Follow the instructions to save your image. You should have a JPEG image like the one shown (Pic. 6)

Faces selected image
Pic. 6

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